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Data Report 2010

Collage: Data Report 2010


Facts and Analyses accompanying the Federal Report on Vocational Education and Training

The 2010 Data Report of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training (BIBB) supplements the Report on Vocational Education and Training issued by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The BIBB Data Report offers detailed information on and analyses of the development of vocational education and training in Germany. The first two sections present key indicators on vocational training (Section A) and continuing vocational training (Section B) and show their development over time.

The special focus of this year's Data Report is the Transition from Vocational Training to Employment (Section C). Programmes to promote vocational education and training and pilot initiatives are the subject of Section D. Section E reports on international indicators and benchmarks in the vocational education and training field. The Data Report for the Report on Vocational Education and Training for the Year 2010 is available in print form and in an online version that can be downloaded on the Internet.

VET Data Report Germany 2010 
This English version gives a selection of the main findings.

The full text of the report in German as well as additional information is available on the Internet portal: Data Report 2010 (DE)